All of our Wildwood signature desserts are made in-house by Executive Chef Corby – no exceptions!

Try the signature Raspberry Tiramisu … our twist on an Italian classic … with layers of creamy mascarpone mousse and raspberry liqueur soaked lady fingers, dusted with cocoa! Another guest favorite is the Triple Layer Carrot  Cake with cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate lovers need not worry - the Dark Chocolate Mousse or Chocolate Gateau are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings!

Our signature dessert offerings are rounded out by Chef Corby’s seasonally inspired Crème Brulees, Bread Puddings and Cheesecakes.

We also offer seasonal fruits and cheeses, and Italian gelatos and sorbets made by Angelo Gelato Italiano in Bensonville, Illinois.

Complement your dessert with pairings of  dessert/sparkling wines, coffee and liqueur drinks, dessert martinis … or maybe just an espresso or cappucino.

View our dessert menu (.pdf) to see all of your choices and the image gallery to see pictures of selected menu items.